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At 08:28 on 26 Jul 2013, Brendan Jones wrote:
>Look I'm really interested in peoples experience with there USB
>devices that have more than two ins and outs. I haven't tried one as
>yet but will be on the market for a new interface soon. I am using a
>cheap Behringer UCA 202 when I need an extra out for monitoring (but
>that's not recording, just useful for DJing at parties ;)

I have a stable setup with an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra. USB2.0,
8-in/8-out, MIDI, digital in/out (coax, not optical), upto 24-bit @
96kHz. The sound quality is good (although the mic pre-amps are nothing
to get excited about). 

Seems not to be sold by M-Audio anymore, but there are some on ebay

Mark Knoop
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