Compatible USB Audio Interface

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I am a musician and recently joined this mailing list. I use Fedora18
and would like to use it to create music. I am having trouble getting
off the ground as I have not identified a USB Audio Interface that is
compatible with Fedora. I have visited the ALSA soundcard matrix wiki
and a number of forums in hopes of finding a device. Unfortunately many
of the models and makes talked about are a few years old now and,
frequently, are no longer available from distributors. I imagine a few
people on this list use some sort of soundcard to test/use all of the
great software that is being created for linux users. 

I am inviting suggestions from people with experience in the application
of audio hardware in the fedora environment. I am looking for a device
that uses an independent power plug, connects with usb 2.0, and has both
MIDI and analogue inputs and outputs. A device similar to this would be

Thanks and I look forward to offering feedback on software once I am up
and running.


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