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On Jun 10, 2007, at 8:25 AM, Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:

I appreciate the feedback Jeff.  I'm getting errors relating to the
following perl macro's placed in the %file section.

RPM build errors:
    File must begin with "/": %{_perl_sitelib}/*
    File must begin with "/": %{_perl_vendorlib}/perllocal.pod
    File must begin with "/": %{_perl_vendorarch}/auto/adesklets/
    File must begin with "/":

Also the RPM that I created before with the SPEC file that I emailed to
the list compiled and created the RPM I installed it and ran the
resultant program and I couldn't get it to segfault. Not that I tested
it to thoroughly.

Do you have a link to the explaining of the macro's so I can understand
them better?

The only reason I added python and perl was because the fresh install I did with the i686 didn't have perl and python in. When I updated it, it
worked but yeah I'll test it.

Again appreciate the feedback  I'll have a further play with it but
direction for reading would be appreciated :)

Hi Marc, that's strange, the perl macros should be defined within rpm itself. What is your build environment like (are you running 'rpmbuild' directly? From which account? Which version of Fedora/ Redhat are you running?) Try running 'rpm --showrc | grep perl_' to see how the macros are defined. On an FC6 box, for example, I get: perl_sitelib %(eval "`%{__perl} -V:installsitelib`"; echo $installsitelib)
And running the perl command listed gives me:
$ perl -V:installsitelib

If you install the rpmdevtools package, you should see some spec file templates in /etc/rpmdevtools/ which may help. See the perl and python specs specifically.


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