Re: Can't create users and groups

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Peter Vrabec <pvrabec@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Sorry, but I saw enough issues on fedora-maintainers.

Issues there were only of non-technical nature. Things like:

* it's proprietary, nobody else uses it
* causes lot of discussions

are no blockers.

> Another think is how we would deal with fedora-usermgmt in RHEL
> environment.

This is a fedora list... ;)

When the '--hint' patch for shadow-utils would be applied and the
configurability of the shadow-utils package be enhanced (handle
/usr/sbin/useradd with 'alternatives', use an overridable virtual
Provides: for the hint-translator), it can be used for RHEL too.

Adding a kickstart option to specifiy the fixed window of available uids
would ease integration into RHEL.

> I'd like to see dynamic UID in range 100-500 and nothing else.

By default, fedora-usermgmt does not violate this constraint.


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