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Hi all,

I recently jumped back into looking at docs, and took me quite a while to figure everything out, and just wondering if we could change things up a bit. follows are the things that i found confusing:

1. default branch is master, that hasnt been updated for two years -- should we make the default branch prod? (also the stage branch's readme still refers to

2. still looks active, but it doesnt seem to be used anymore -- you don't need to push built results there, anymore right? Should this repo just be deleted, since it only ever housed built stuff anyway?

3. It took me ages to find where the static front pages were -- i finally found them at but we really should update the docs docs with this information

4. Finally, the antora UI bundle -- it seems the UI bundle is being pulled from a zip on asalalik's fedora people -- and then we are adding additional changes via supplemental-ui in the docs-fp-o repo. Is there any reason we cannot merge these changes back into start doing numbered releases of these bundles, and hosting the built zips on gitlab or pagure, and pulling from there rather than fedorapeople?

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