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Hey all,

Recently, Jean-Baptiste Holcroft and I have been working on translations for Fedora Docs. Jean-Baptiste has all the knowledge about how translations work, and I can do awful shell scripts! And we've built a prototype of the whole pipeline:

This is how it works: There are scripts to extract strings from the English sources into POT files that translators use. Translators translate them (either manually or using a translation platform of choice) and output PO files for each language. Our scripts take these PO files and generate .adoc sources from them that Antora (our docs builder) can use. And then we build separate sites for each language, and publish them in heir own namespace. See the French site [1] for example.

There are still few small things missing, such as a UI to switch between languages on the website. Although I think this is good enough to prove we're able to build translated versions of the Docs.

So the big question is: What's next?
And maybe: Is there someone who would like to drive this forward?



Adam Šamalík
Software Engineer
Red Hat
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