Re: Automate your Fedora package maintenance using Packit

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On Fri, Sep 15, 2023 at 04:02:04PM +0200, Frantisek Lachman wrote:
> Thanks Dan and Daniel for the responses. You both are right. For our
> defence, this is always setup by an existing Fedora user (=human).
> I can't speak of rel-eng (and honestly don't know) how problematic
> this "physical removal" on request is.
> We can at least promote the licence check more
> and provide instructions on what to do if something does not fulfil the rules.
> (E.g. as a part of the issue Ankur created and mentioned
> (
> Does anyone have any realistic solution (or an improvement) to this
> for Packit itself?
> We can also stop uploading the source to the lookaside cache (or make
> it configurable),
> but the benefit of such automation is significantly reduced.

I think it isn't too hard to make it acceptable, just stick a
flag in the middle of your process that human has to acknowledge

  1. Release monitoring files the new BZ ticket (it already includes
     wording warning the maintainer to review the new release for
     licensing changes).

     This BZ would have a flag set  'license-review=?' initially

  2. Maintainer reviews the new tarball to check the license
     situation is all still golden.

     If OK, maintainer toggles flag to license-review=+,
     else toggles to license-review=-

  3. Packit sees the flag approval and its magic happens to
     upload tarball and file pull request, etc

If you wanted to be especially helpful, perhaps Packit could compare
the old and new tarballs, and present the maintainer a list of newly
added files as a BZ attachment. It could also run 'licensecheck -r'
on old and new tarballs and report any notable changes. Still needs
human review, but that might help nudge the maintainer to actually
do the license review, as I bet it is often skipped on rebases.

With regards,
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