Re: KDE and GNOME Join Hands To Add Payments To Turn Flathub Into a Store for the Linux Desktop

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On Fri, Sep 01, 2023 at 08:35:54AM -0400, JT wrote:
> That looks like it's just a proposal by some random people that KDE and
> GNOME should to work together.  I've not seen a statement by either
> desktop. the file referenced is literally under a directory called
> "proposals". and I've never heard of this "Plaintext Group" before.
> It does not look like KDE and GNOME have agreed to anything.

The "Plaintext Group" looks to be an org that sponsors efforts
to improve the sustainability of OSS. The "proposals" directory
is a place where interested projects can make their bid for

IOW, the Flathub project made such a bid hence the linked file
that is is shown, but it appears they were not ultimately
successful according to their own status summary in 2023:

You can see there though, that Flathub already has developed
the facility for one-off donations and/or purchases though
does not appear to have actually launched it, and are also
interested in supporting subscriptions too, both with the goal
to help projects/developers sustain their work.

GNOME has been involved in sponsorintg flathub development
as the project was incubated under the GNOME foundation, but
IIUC it is intended to split off into its own legal entity
and attract a diverse sponsorship base. Endless Network gave
a sizeable one off grant this year per that link above.

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