Re: KDE and GNOME Join Hands To Add Payments To Turn Flathub Into a Store for the Linux Desktop

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On Wed, Aug 30, 2023 at 10:18:50PM -0000, Ryan Bach via devel wrote:
> It would be nice for Redhat to monetize the Desktop. What do you guys think?

IMHO talking about Red Hat needing to monetize the desktop is missing
the point of this. There are 1000's of OSS projects that will never be
interesting to big the Linux vendors like Red Hat, SUSE, etc, and yet
the people working on those projects still have bills to pay.

The proposals wrt donations / payments in Flathub would support the
long tail of OSS projects, by providing another place to potentially
collect some funds directly from users, without having a commercial
Linux vendor in the middle picking & choosing who to give funding to
while skimming off the top of the funds.

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