FUDCon APAC now open for bids

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FUDCon (the Fedora Users and Developers Conference) is the premier
Fedora event.  We typically have a FUDCon event in North America,
Latin America, and Europe each year.  This year, I'm pleased to
announce that we'll also be having a FUDCon event in the Asia-Pacific

I've confirmed that we have budget set aside for a FUDCon in the
Asia-Pacific region, and I'm now soliciting bids for FUDCon APAC.
Bids should be created on the Fedora wiki, and a link to the bid
mailed to the fudcon-planning list.  All bids should be completed by
June 23rd.  Soon after the bidding process has closed, I'll meet
together with FAMSCo, the Ambassadors in that region, and our primary
corporate sponsor to pick the winning location.  After the location
has been selected, we'll invite people to start registering and Due to
the details of our budget, the time frame for FUDCon APAC this year
will likely be in either November or December.  Next year, I'll work
to try to spread the FUDCon events around a bit more evenly, so that
we can have one FUDCon event roughly each quarter.

The bidding process is described in more detail at
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_bid_process.  Any interested
parties are invited to submit their bids up until June 23rd.  If you
have any questions or concerns, please bring them up on the
fudcon-planning mailing list.

I look forward to seeing your proposals!

Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader
announce mailing list

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