Appointment to the Fedora Board and reminder of upcoming elections

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The Fedora Board consists of five elected seats and four appointed
seats.  In this elections cycle, there will be two openings for
appointed Board seats and three opening for elected Board seats.  As
part of the normal Board succession process[0], one Board appointment
is made before Board elections and the other is made after the
election cycle.

I'm happy to announce that Guillermo Gomez has accepted the
responsibility of serving on the Fedora Board.  Guillermo has
demonstrated his commitment to Fedora through his tireless efforts on
a number of different fronts, including working on packaging,
development, and ambassador programs.  He has also shown his ability
to mentor new contributors and help grow the Fedora community.  I have
no doubt that he'll continue these efforts while on the Board, and
that he'll bring his perspective to help the Board as it makes
decisions affecting the direction that Fedora takes. I would like to
publicly thank Guillermo for his willingness to serve, and I hope the
entire Fedora community will join me in welcoming him to the Board.

Guillermo will fill seat A4 (see the Board History[1] for a list of
the seats), which has been held by Stephen Smoogen for the past year.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Stephen for
the work he's done on
behalf of the Fedora Board.

Elections for the three open elected seats on the Board (as well as
FESCo elections) will begin on June 2nd at UTC 0001, as shown on the
Fedora wiki's Elections page[2].  All community members are encouraged
to cast their vote until the elections close at the end of the day
(UTC time) on June 8th.  Within a week or two of the end of elections,
another appointment will be made for the remaining Board seat (seat
A3).  If you have interest in serving on the Fedora Board, please
don't hesitate to contact me directly to indicate your willingness to


Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader
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