retiring on 2011-07-01

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There has been some confusion and misunderstanding around recently. This email will hopefully clear them

At the Tempe Fudcon, the Fedora Infrastructure team determined that we
should retire our service. The reasons for this

* We currently have no infrastructure members who are driving support
  of this service. (Fixing bugs, following upstream or improving the

* Wordpress has a long history of security issues, requiring frequent,
  custom patches or updates to keep it secure. 

* Many other sites out there are providing blog services as their core
  mission, likely resulting in a more feature-full and compelling
  offering. Some of these sites like are commited to free
  software, like Fedora is. 

* Usage of the service was quite low. We have 92 blogs, but only 39 of
  them had more than 5 posts. Only 6 of them had posts in the last
  month, and only 23 had posts in 2011. 

While we are open to interested parties stepping forward to help us
maintain the service, currently there is no compelling reason to 
keep the service running.

We will be happy to help any user wishing to transition their blog to 
another service. We will provide web site redirects and dumps of their

Please contact fedora infrastructure (infrastructure@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
with further questions or concerns.


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