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Just to expand a bit. For development purposes.

As Casey says:
+  EPEL9 has libarrow-9

If you're developing on RHEL8 or CentOS 8:
+ EPEL8 has libarrow-8 (requires installing subversion-devel module and utf8proc-devel from the module)

And if you're developing on Fedora:
+ Fedora 38 and f39/rawhide are getting libarrow-11 now
+ Fedora 37 has libarrow-9
+ Fedora 36 has libarrow-8
+ Fedora 35 (EOL) has nothing

(I originally thought 9, 10, and 11 were released closer together than they actually are. Although 6-8 weeks between them is still a lot of churn IMO. Independent of that, there's still an opportunity to leave Fedora 38 on libarrow-10 if it makes sense to have libarrow-10 available in a Fedora release.)

I dare say "we" could build ORC and Arrow .debs for Ubuntu in a Launchpad PPA. Would that be useful or usable? I.e. could teuthology consume packages from a PPA? (Pretty sure I don't want to own that though. Def don't want to be the only owner of it.)

On Thu, Feb 9, 2023 at 2:17 PM Casey Bodley <cbodley@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hey Gal and Eric,

in today's standup, we discussed the version of our apache arrow
submodule. it's currently pinned at 6.0.1, which was tagged in nov.
2021. the centos9 builds are using the system package
libarrow-devel-9.0.0. arrow's upstream recently tagged an 11.0.0

as far as i know, there still aren't any system packages for ubuntu,
so we're likely to be stuck with the submodule for quite a while. how
do guys want to handle these updates? is it worth trying to update
before the reef release?
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