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On 19-10-2022 15:35, Gregory Farnum wrote:
In CMakeCache.txt I found the parameter WITH_BLUESTORE:BOOL=ON but no equivalent param for KStore. I need to make some minor changes to the code so I need to build the source code and cannot use the packages from the distribution. Do I need to checkout an older version than master to be able to run KStore?
I believe this is just some cruft left over from when BlueStore was
new and not everybody doing development wanted to wait to build it.
KStore is very small code-wise so I guess it's built unconditionally.
This is used in the FreeBSD ports builds, where Bluestore is not yet available.

In addition, I would like to run the experiment on our own version of RocksDB. The readme file indicates that cmake builds RocksDB from source but allows to opt-in to using a system library (provided it meets the minimum version required by Ceph) WITH_SYSTEM_ROCKSDB:BOOL=ON where can I define the path to the package, or to our RocksDB code?
You're going to need to dig into the build settings for this one.

This also happened for FreeBSD ports packages. And it automagically picks up the required defines to start using the "system" provided variant.. check . /cmake/modules/BuildRocksDB.cmake if it does not do what you'd expect.


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