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the rgw teuthology suite started seeing lots of valgrind issues a
couple weeks ago. we're tracking them in

as i understand it, valgrind is complaining about stack memory access
outside of the current thread's stack:

> <auxwhat>Address 0x57f47f60 is on thread 135's stack</auxwhat>

rgw is using coroutine stacks allocated by boost::context, which
explains why valgrind is confused. boost::context supports valgrind's
annotations for these stacks (VALGRIND_STACK_REGISTER), but they
aren't enabled by default

in March 2020 with, Adam added
a cmake option WITH_BOOST_VALGRIND that enables this 'valgrind' option
for ceph's bundled boost build. in, we enabled this for the
'notcmalloc' builds that we ran our valgrind tests against

however, we stopped doing 'notcmalloc' builds entirely after added the valgrind
options necessary to run against the normal tcmalloc builds. so we
lost this fix, but the rgw suite had been getting clean valgrind
results until just recently

i've confirmed that the issues do go away with WITH_BOOST_VALGRIND
enabled, but i really don't want to require a special build flavor for

does anyone know what changed here? are valgrind issues popping up
anywhere else?

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