Re: How to debug warning: SASL authentication failure: could not verify password?

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Ivan Richwalski <ivan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote ..
> On 9/26/14 11:39 PM, paul@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Thanks Ivan,
> >
> > Just have a couple of questions..  It's been awhile since I've downloaded and
> compiled from the source.
> >
> > 1) What is, when would one use it?
> It's just a mirror of the latest cyrus-sasl 2.1.26 source, where I 
> posted it with my patch for select() applied.
> I'd recommend either using the patch against the source, until the fixs 
> gets included.
> > 2) Which source would you download from, I see
> has 2.1.26 available? I wonder if that contains a fix.
> For my system that was having failures, I used the 2.1.25 source, 
> because that's the same version of the package Joyent has installed.
> > 3) Would you remove the current package first?
> > 4) What files would you recommend backing up before hand?
> >
> Because I used the exact same version from Joyent's install, I left the 
> existing package in place and only replaced the file 
> /opt/local/lib/

How did you do this? which user would you install this from? wouldn't installing the from source overwrite some of the files?

> Ivan.

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