Re: How to debug warning: SASL authentication failure: could not verify password?

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On 9/27/14 12:59 AM, paul@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
How did you do this? which user would you install this from? wouldn't installing the from source overwrite some of the files?
I configured cyrus-sasl using these options:

$ ./configure --prefix=/tmp/local CFLAGS=-m64 CXXFLAGS=-m64 LDFLAGS=-m64 \
--with-plugindir=/opt/local/lib/sasl2 --with-configdir=/opt/local/etc/sasl2

After running "make install", all the files I built are in /tmp/local, but know to look for their config & plugins under Joyent's /opt/local tree. Then as root I make a backup of the old /opt/local/lib/, and copied /tmp/local/lib/ into /opt/local/lib.


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