scaling governor kernel 4.14.40 vs 4.17.rc

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Need help / information. This is my first email to community so bear
with me ......

In the recent (LTS) e.g 4.14.40 I am seeing that
scaling_governor is not showing up if installed on system using

cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor  ==> doesn’t work.

The only way to show it is to enable the “P  State” in BIOS.

The same system shows scaling governor just fine if kernel 4.17.rc4 is used.

 The same kernel 4.14.40  with no BIOS changes works fine on system

Am i missing any modules in the 4.14.40 (LTS) which is causing the
scaling governor not to show.
I have tried using all CPU options in menuconifg.

TIA for support.

Life is too short for silly things so invest your time in some
productive outputs!!
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