ceph RGW reply "ERROR: S3 error: 404 (NoSuchKey)" but rgw object metadata exist

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    My ceph cluster has 9 nodes for Ceph Object Store.  Recently, I have experienced data loss that reply 404 (NoSuchKey) by s3cmd get xxx command.  However, I can get metadata info by s3cmd ls  xxx. The RGW object size is above 1GB that have many multipart object.  Commanding 'rados -p default.rgw.buckets.data stats object' show that it only have head object, all of multipart and shadow part have gone. The bucket data only support write and read operation, no delete, and has no lifecycle policy.

   I have found similar problem in https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/47866 that had repaired in v16.0.0.  Maybe this is new data loss problem that very serious for us. 

ceph version: 16.2.5
#command info:
s3cmd ls s3://solr-scrapy.commoncrawl-warc/batch_2024031314/Scrapy/main/CC-MAIN-20200118052321-20200118080321-00547.warc.gz 
2024-03-13 09:27   1208269953  s3://solr-scrapy.commoncrawl-warc/batch_2024031314/Scrapy/main/CC-MAIN-20200118052321-20200118080321-00547.warc.gz

s3cmd get s3://solr-scrapy.commoncrawl-warc/batch_2024031314/Scrapy/main/CC-MAIN-20200118052321-20200118080321-00547.warc.gz
download: 's3://solr-scrapy.commoncrawl-warc/batch_2024031314/Scrapy/main/CC-MAIN-20200118052321-20200118080321-00547.warc.gz' -> './CC-MAIN-20200118052321-20200118080321-
00547.warc.gz'  [1 of 1] ERROR: Download of './CC-MAIN-20200118052321-20200118080321-00547.warc.gz' failed (Reason: 404 (NoSuchKey))
ERROR: S3 error: 404 (NoSuchKey)

# head exist and size is 0, multipart and shadow had lost
 rados -p default.rgw.buckets.data stat df8c0fe6-01c8-4c07-b310-2d102356c004.76248.1__multipart_batch_2024031314/Scrapy/main/CC-MAIN-20200118052321-20200118080321-00547.warc.gz.2~C2M72EJLHrNe_fnHnifS4N7pw70hVmE.1
 error stat-ing eck6m2.rgw.buckets.data/df8c0fe6-01c8-4c07-b310-2d102356c004.76248.1__multipart_batch_2024031314/Scrapy/main/CC-MAIN-20200118052321-20200118080321-00547.warc.gz.2~C2M72EJLHrNe_fnHnifS4N7pw70hVmE.1: (2) No such file or directory

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