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Hello everyone,

we are facing a problem regarding the s3 operation put bucket notification configuration.

We are using Ceph version 17.2.6. We are trying to configure buckets in our cluster so that  a notification message is sent via amqps protocol when the content of the bucket change. To do so, we created a local rgw user with "special" capabilities and we wrote ad hoc policies for this user (list of all buckets, read access to all buckets and possibility to add, list and delete bucket configurations).

The problems regards the configurations of all buckets except the one he owns, when doing this put bucket notification configuration cross-account operation  we get an access denied error.

I have the suspect that this problem is related to the version we are using, because when we were doing tests on another cluster we were using version 18.2.1 and we did not face this problem. Can you confirm my hypothesis?


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