Re: RGW - tracking new bucket creation and bucket usage

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> Now we are using the GetBucketInfo from the AdminOPS api - with the stats=true option GET /admin/bucket?stats=1 which returns all buckets with the number of objects and size we then parse. We also use it for the tracking of newly created buckets as it gives you all of the buckets with their owners at one place, but we are not using the metadata in that case.
> This however in our environment, where we have close to ~400 buckets isn’t scalable and the calls can take from 10 to 400 to even 6000s to complete.

Can you time how long it takes for you on a
mon-or-other-host-with-admin-keys to run radosgw-admin bucket list and
then loop over those and run radosgw-admin bucket stats on each? That
would be the bottom time limit in my view, for a query that has no
prior knowledge. If this is (lots) faster than the api, then you could
just do that somewhere and publish the results internally for your

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