Re: [REEF][cephadm] new cluster all pg unknown

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On 15-03-2024 08:10, wodel youchi wrote:

I found my error, it was a mismatch between the monitor network ip address
and the --cluster_network which were in different subnets.
I misunderstood the --cluster_network subnet, I thought that when creating
a cluster, the monitor IP designed the public Network, and if I wanted to
separate public and private (cluster) networks, I needed to use the
--cluster_network option.
Maybe I was in over my head, but sometimes it is not that clear.

Ah, good that you found the error. Do you have separate interfaces / port-channels for public and cluster networks? Note that a cluster network is not required and makes things more complicated (as you have noted) and might not give you any benefits when the infrastructure does not match this separation of functions.

Gr. Stefan
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