18.2.2 dashboard really messed up.

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Looking at ceph -s, all is well.  Looking at the dashboard, 85% of my capacity is 'warned', and 95% is 'in danger'.   There is no hint given as to the nature of the danger or reason for the warning.  Though apparently with merely 5% of my ceph world 'normal', the cluster reports 'ok'.  Which, you know, seems contradictory.  I've used just under 40% of capacity.

Further down the dashboard, all the subsections of 'Cluster Utilization' are '1' and '0.5' with nothing whatever in the graphics area.

Previous versions of ceph presented a normal dashboard.

It's just a little half rack, 5 hosts, a few physical drives each, been running ceph for a couple years now.  Orchestrator is cephadm.  It's just about as 'plain vanilla' at it gets.  I've had to mute one alert, because cephadm refresh aborts when it finds drives on any host that have nothing to do with ceph that don't have a blkid_ip 'TYPE' key.  Seems unrelated to a totally messed up dashboard.  (The tracker for that is here: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/63502 ).

Any idea what the steps are to get useful stuff back on the dashboard?   Any idea where I can learn what my 85% danger and 95% warning is 'about'?  (You'd think 'danger' (The volcano is blowing up now!)  would be worse than 'warning' (the volcano might blow up soon) , so how can warning+danger > 100%, or if not additive how can warning < danger?)

 Here's a bit of detail:

root@noc1:~# ceph -s
   id:     4067126d-01cb-40af-824a-881c130140f8
   health: HEALTH_OK
           (muted: CEPHADM_REFRESH_FAILED)

   mon: 5 daemons, quorum noc4,noc2,noc1,noc3,sysmon1 (age 70m)
   mgr: noc2.yhyuxd(active, since 82m), standbys: noc4.tvhgac, noc3.sybsfb, noc1.jtteqg
   mds: 1/1 daemons up, 3 standby
   osd: 27 osds: 27 up (since 20m), 27 in (since 2d)

   volumes: 1/1 healthy
   pools:   16 pools, 1809 pgs
   objects: 12.29M objects, 17 TiB
   usage:   44 TiB used, 67 TiB / 111 TiB avail
   pgs:     1793 active+clean
            9    active+clean+scrubbing
            7    active+clean+scrubbing+deep

   client:   5.6 MiB/s rd, 273 KiB/s wr, 41 op/s rd, 58 op/s wr

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