Re: ceph-crash NOT reporting crashes due to wrong permissions on /var/lib/ceph/crash/posted (Debian / Ubuntu packages)

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El 2/3/24 a las 18:00, Tyler Stachecki escribió:
On 23.02.24 16:18, Christian Rohmann wrote:
I just noticed issues with ceph-crash using the Debian /Ubuntu
packages (package: ceph-base):

While the /var/lib/ceph/crash/posted folder is created by the package
it's not properly chowned to ceph:ceph by the postinst script.
You might want to check if you might be affected as well.
Failing to post crashes to the local cluster results in them not being
reported back via telemetry.
Sorry to bluntly bump this again, but did nobody else notice this on
your clusters?
Call me egoistic, but the more clusters return crash reports the more
stable my Ceph likely becomes ;-)
I do observe the ownership does not match ceph:ceph on Debian with v17.2.7.
$ sudo ls -l /var/lib/ceph/crash | grep posted
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Feb 10 19:23 posted

The issue seems to be that the postinst script does not recursively
chown and only chowns subdirectories directly under /var/lib/ceph:

The rpm spec looks to do subdirectories under /var/lib/ceph as well,
but explicitly lists everything out instead of globs, and also
includes posted:

This seems to have been fixed in Proxmox recently:

* master (reef?): * quincy:

Not sure this has been upstreamed.


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