ceph-crash NOT reporting crashes due to wrong permissions on /var/lib/ceph/crash/posted (Debian / Ubuntu packages)

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Hey ceph-users,

I just noticed issues with ceph-crash using the Debian /Ubuntu packages (package: ceph-base):

While the /var/lib/ceph/crash/posted folder is created by the package install,
it's not properly chowned to ceph:ceph by the postinst script.
This might also affect RPM based installs somehow, but I did not look into that.

I opened a bug report with all the details and two ideas to fix this: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/64548

The wrong ownership causes ceph-crash to NOT work at all. I myself missed quite a few crash reports. All of them were just sitting around on the machines, but were reported right after I did

 chown ceph:ceph /var/lib/ceph/crash/posted
 systemctl restart ceph-crash.service

You might want to check if you might be affected as well.
Failing to post crashes to the local cluster results in them not being reported back via telemetry.


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