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On Tue, Feb 6, 2024 at 12:09 PM Tim Holloway <timh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Back when I was battline Octopus, I had problems getting ganesha's NFS
> to work reliably. I resolved this by doing a direct (ceph) mount on my
> desktop machine instead of an NFS mount.
> I've since been plagued by ceph "laggy OSD" complaints that appear to
> be due to a non-responsive client and I'm suspecting that the client in
> question is the desktop machine when it's suspended while the ceph
> mount is in effect.

You should not see "laggy OSD" messages due to a client becoming unresponsive.

> So the question is: Should ceph native mounts be used on general client
> machines which may hibernate or otherwise go offline?

The mounts will eventually be evicted (generally) by the MDS if the
machine hibernates/suspends. There are mechanisms for the mount to
recover (see "recover_session" in the mount.ceph man page).  Any dirty
data would be lost.

As for whether you should have clients that hibernate, it's not ideal.
It could conceivably create problems if client machines hibernate
longer than the blocklist duration (after eviction by the MDS).

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