Re: RBD Image Returning 'Unknown Filesystem LVM2_member' On Mount - Help Please

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Don't try to mount the LVM2 PV as a filesystem.  You need to look at syslog
to determine why you are unable to scan it in.  When you have your PVs
mapped, they should show up in lsblk and pvs.

Once you determine why they are not showing (maybe there is something else
mapping type 1024, so remove it), and you can see the PV - you should also
see the VG in vgs and LV in lvs.  Then you mount the LV:

mount /dev/<VG>/<LV> /<your mountpoint>
Alex Gorbachev

On Mon, Feb 5, 2024 at 1:04 AM duluxoz <duluxoz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ~~~
> Hello,
> I think that /dev/rbd* devices are flitered "out" or not filter "in" by
> the fiter
> option in the devices section of /etc/lvm/lvm.conf.
> So pvscan (pvs, vgs and lvs) don't look at your device.
> ~~~
> Hi Gilles,
> So the lvm filter from the lvm.conf file is set to the default of `filter
> = [ "a|.*|" ]`, so that's accept every block device, so no luck there  :-(
> ~~~
> For Ceph based LVM volumes, you would do this to import:
> Map every one of the RBDs to the host
> Include this in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf:
> types = [ "rbd", 1024 ]
> pvscan
> vgscan
> pvs
> vgs
> If you see the VG:
> vgimportclone -n <make a name for VG> /dev/rbd0 /dev/rbd1 ... --import
> Now you should be able to vgchange -a y <your VG> and see the LVs
> ~~~
> Hi Alex,
> Did the above as you suggested - the rbd devices (3 of them, none of which
> were originally part of an lvm on the ceph servers - at least, not set up
> manually by me) still do not show up using pvscan, etc.
> So I still can't mount any of them (not without re-creating a fs, anyway,
> and thus losing the data I'm trying to read/import) - they all return the
> same error message (see original post).
> Anyone got any other ideas? <hopeful tone in voice>  :-)
> Cheers
> Dulux-Oz
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