Re: RBD Image Returning 'Unknown Filesystem LVM2_member' On Mount - Help Please

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I think that /dev/rbd* devices are flitered "out" or not filter "in" by the fiter
option in the devices section of /etc/lvm/lvm.conf.
So pvscan (pvs, vgs and lvs) don't look at your device.

Hi Gilles,

So the lvm filter from the lvm.conf file is set to the default of `filter = [ "a|.*|" ]`, so that's accept every block device, so no luck there  :-(

For Ceph based LVM volumes, you would do this to import:
Map every one of the RBDs to the host
Include this in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf:
types = [ "rbd", 1024 ]
If you see the VG:
vgimportclone -n <make a name for VG> /dev/rbd0 /dev/rbd1 ... --import
Now you should be able to vgchange -a y <your VG> and see the LVs

Hi Alex,

Did the above as you suggested - the rbd devices (3 of them, none of which were originally part of an lvm on the ceph servers - at least, not set up manually by me) still do not show up using pvscan, etc.

So I still can't mount any of them (not without re-creating a fs, anyway, and thus losing the data I'm trying to read/import) - they all return the same error message (see original post).

Anyone got any other ideas? <hopeful tone in voice>  :-)


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