CompleteMultipartUpload takes a long time to finish

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For some time now I’m struggling with the time it takes to CompleteMultipartUpload on one of my rgw clusters.

I have a customer with ~8M objects in one bucket uploading quite a large files. From 100GB to like 800GB.

I’ve noticed when they are uploading ~200GB files that the requests started timeouting on a LB we have infront of the rgw.

When I’ve started going through the logs I’ve noticed that the CompleteMultipartUpload request took like 700s to finish. Which seemed ok-ish, but the number seem quite large.

However, when they started uploading 750GB files the time to complete the multipart upload ended around 2500s -> more than 40minutes which seems like a way to much.

Do you have a similar experience? Is there anything we can do to improve this? How much time does the CompleteMultipartUpload takes on your clusters?

The cluster is running on version 17.2.6.


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