RBD mirroring to an EC pool

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	Hello, Ceph users,

I would like to use my secondary Ceph cluster for backing up RBD OpenNebula
volumes from my primary cluster using mirroring in image+snapshot mode.
Because it is for backups only, not a cold-standby, I would like to use
erasure coding on the secondary side to save a disk space.
Is it supported at all?

I tried to create a pool:

secondary# ceph osd pool create one-mirror erasure k6m2
secondary# ceph osd pool set one-mirror allow_ec_overwrites true
set pool 13 allow_ec_overwrites to true
secondary# rbd mirror pool enable --site-name secondary one-mirror image
2024-02-02T11:00:34.123+0100 7f95070ad5c0 -1 librbd::api::Mirror: mode_set: failed to allocate mirroring uuid: (95) Operation not supported

When I created a replicated pool instead, this step worked:

secondary# ceph osd pool create one-mirror-repl replicated
secondary# rbd mirror pool enable --site-name secondary one-mirror-repl image

So, is RBD mirroring supported with erasure-coded pools at all? Thanks!


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