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Hello team,

I failed to login to my ceph dashboard which is running pacific as version
and deployed using ceph-ansible . I have set admin password using the
following command : "ceph dashboard ac-user-set-password admin -i
ceph-dash-pass" where ceph-dash-pass possesses the real password. I am
getting the following output : "{"username": "admin", "password":
"$2b$12$Ge/2cpg0ZGjRPnBC2YREP.E5oVyNvV4SC9HU4PMsWWMBtC9UvL7mG", "roles":
["administrator"], "name": null, "email": null, "lastUpdate": 1706866328,
"enabled": false, "pwdExpirationDate": null, "pwdUpdateRequired": false}"

Once I login to the dashboard , still i get the same error message. I am
guessing it is because the above "enabled" field is set to false . Ho w to
set that field to true ? or if there is other alternative to set it you can

Thank you
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