Re: Questions about the CRUSH details

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Den tors 25 jan. 2024 kl 03:05 skrev Henry lol <pub.virtualization@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Do you mean object location (osds) is initially calculated only using its
> name and crushmap,
> and then the result is reprocessed with the map of the PGs?
> and I'm still skeptical about computation on the client-side.
> is it possible to obtain object location without computation on the client
> because ceph-mon already updates that information to PG map?

The client should not need to contact the mon for each object access
and every client can't have a complete list of millions of objects in
the cluster, so it does client-side computations.

The mon connection will more or less only require new updates if/when
OSDs change weight or goes in/out. This way, clients can run on
"autopilot" even if all mons are down, as long as OSD states don't

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