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On 1/24/24 09:40, Albert Shih wrote:

Knowing I got two class of osd (hdd and ssd), and I have a need of ~ 20/30
cephfs (currently and that number will increase with time).

Why do you need 20 - 30 separate CephFS instances?

and put all my cephfs inside two of them. Or should I create for each
cephfs a couple of pool metadata/data ?

Each CephFS instance needs their own pools, at least two (data + metadata) per instance. And each CephFS needs at least one MDS running, better with an additional cold or even hot standby MDS.

Il will also need to have ceph S3 storage, same question, should I have a
designated pool for S3 storage or can/should I use the same
cephfs_data_replicated/erasure pool ?

No, S3 needs its own pools. It cannot re-use CephFS pools.

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