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Hi everyone, 

I like to know how many pool should I create for multiple cephfs ?

Knowing I got two class of osd (hdd and ssd), and I have a need of ~ 20/30
cephfs (currently and that number will increase with time). 

Should I create 

  one cephfs_metadata_replicated
  one cephfs_data_replicated
  few cephfs_data_erasure_coding (depending of k/m) 

and put all my cephfs inside two of them. Or should I create for each
cephfs a couple of pool metadata/data ? 

Il will also need to have ceph S3 storage, same question, should I have a
designated pool for S3 storage or can/should I use the same
cephfs_data_replicated/erasure pool ? 


Albert SHIH 🦫 🐸
Heure locale/Local time:
mer. 24 janv. 2024 09:33:09 CET
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