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On 11/9/23 07:35, Nizamudeen A wrote:
> On the Ceph GUI, we thought it could be interesting to show information
> regarding the community events, ceph release information

like others have already said, it's not the right place to put that
information for lots of reasons.

one more to add: putting the information on the dashboard would be only
visible for those that have direct access to the ceph cluster in an
organisation, which usually are very small group of people. putting the
same (valuable!) information on the website where it belongs, makes it
much easier accessible to everyone interested.

(or in other words: this stuff should be on the normal website already
anyway, so, no extra value in duplicating it on the dashboard).

thanks for asking though. this sounds like the "we're out of things to
do"-syndrom which can be often observed in matured projects where people
start to integrate/duplicate things into it to make it the one-and-only
entry-point for $everything, which in turn makes it worse for what it
used to do perfectly in the first place.

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