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My vote would be "no":

 * This is an operational high-criticality system. Not the right place
   to have distracting other stuff or to bloat the dashboard.
 * Our ceph systems deliberately don't have direct internet connectivity.
 * There is plenty of useful operational information that could fill
   the screen real-estate.
 * Effort could be much better spent on real bugs.



On 09/11/2023 06:35, Nizamudeen A wrote:

We wanted to get some feedback on one of the features that we are planning
to bring in for upcoming releases.

On the Ceph GUI, we thought it could be interesting to show information
regarding the community events, ceph release information (Release notes and
changelogs) and maybe even notify about new blog post releases and also
inform regarding the community group meetings. There would be options to
subscribe to the events that you want to get notified.

Before proceeding with its implementation, we thought it'd be good to get
some community feedback around it. So please let us know what you think
(the goods and the bads).

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