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you mean you forgot your password? You can remove the service with 'ceph orch rm grafana', then re-apply your grafana.yaml containing the initial password. Note that this would remove all of the grafana configs or custom dashboards etc., you would have to reconfigure them. So before doing that you should verify that this is actually what you're looking for. Not sure what this has to do with Loki though.


Zitat von Sake Ceph <ceph@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

I configured a password for Grafana because I want to use Loki. I
used the spec parameter initial_admin_password and this works fine for a
staging environment, where I never tried to used Grafana with a password
for Loki. 
   Using the username admin with the configured password gives a
credentials error on environment where I tried to use Grafana with Loki in
the past (with 17.2.6 of Ceph/cephadm). I changed the password in the past
within Grafana, but how can I overwrite this now? Or is there a way to
cleanup all Grafana files? 
   Best regards, 

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