RadosGW load balancing with Kubernetes + ceph orch

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Hey all,

My Ceph cluster is managed mostly by cephadm / ceph orch to avoid circular dependencies between in our infrastructure deployment. Our RadosGW endpoints, however, are managed by Kubernetes, since it provides proper load balancing and service health checks.

This leaves me in the unsatisfactory situation that Ceph complains about 'stray' RGW daemons in the cluster. The only two solutions to this that I found were a) to turn of the warning, which applies to all daemons and not just the RGWs (not pretty!), or b) to move the deployment out of Kubernetes. For the latter, I could define external Endpoints in Kubernetes, so that I still have load balancing, but then I don't have proper health checks any more. Meaning, if one of the RGW endpoints goes down, requests to our S3 endpoint will intermittently time out in round-robin fashion (not pretty at all!).

Can you think of a better option to solve this? I would already be satisfied with turning off the warning for RGW daemons only, but there doesn't seem to be a config option for that.


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