Modify user op status=-125

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Hi all,

I couldn't understand what does the status -125 mean from the docs. I'm
getting 500 response status code when I call rgw admin APIs and the only
log in the rgw log files is as follows.

s3:get_obj recalculating target
initializing for trans_id =
s3:get_obj reading permissions
getting op 1
s3:put_obj verifying requester
s3:put_obj normalizing buckets and tenants
s3:put_obj init permissions
s3:put_obj recalculating target
s3:put_obj reading permissions
s3:put_obj init op
s3:put_obj verifying op mask
s3:put_obj verifying op permissions
s3:put_obj verifying op params
s3:put_obj pre-executing
s3:put_obj executing
:modify_user completing
WARNING: set_req_state_err err_no=125 resorting to 500
:modify_user op status=-125
:modify_user http status=500
====== req done req=0x7f3f85a78620 op status=-125 http_status=500
latency=0.076000459s ======

Can anyone explain what this error means and why it's happening?

Best Regards,
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