Ceph orch OSD redeployment after boot on stateless RAM root

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I recently moved from a manual Ceph deployment using Saltstack to a hybrid of Saltstack and cephadm / ceph orch. We are provisioning our Ceph hosts using a stateless PXE RAM root, so I definitely need Saltstack to bootstrap at least the Ceph APT repository and the MON/MGR deployment. After that, ceph orch can take over and deploy the remaining daemons.

The MONs/MGRs are deployed after each reboot with

cephadm deploy --name mon.{{ ceph.node_id }} --fsid {{ ceph.conf.global.fsid }} --config /etc/ceph/ceph.conf cephadm deploy --name mgr.{{ ceph.node_id }} --fsid {{ ceph.conf.global.fsid }} --config /etc/ceph/ceph.conf

(the MON store is provided in /var/lib/ceph/{{ ceph.conf.global.fsid }}/mon.{{ ceph.node_id }}).

Since cephadm ceph-volume lvm activate --all is broken (see https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/55395), I am activating each OSD individually like this:

cephadm deploy --name osd.{{ osd_id }} --fsid {{ ceph.conf.global.fsid }} --osd-fsid {{ osd_fsid }} --config /etc/ceph/ceph.conf

Now my question: Is there a better way to do this and can ceph orch take care of this in the same way it deploys my MDS?

All OSDs are listed as <unmanaged> in ceph orch ls (I think this is by design?) and I cannot find a way to activate them automatically via ceph orch when the host boots up. I tried

ceph cephadm osd activate HOSTNAME,

but all I get is "Created no osd(s) on host HOSTNAME; already created?"

The docs only talk about how I can create new OSDs, but not how I can automatically redeploy existing OSDs after a fresh boot. It seems like it is generally assumed that OSD deployments are persistent and next time the host boots, systemd simply activates the existing units.

I'd be glad about any hints!

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