slow recovery with Quincy

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Dear cephers,

with one osd down(200GB/9.1TB data), rebalance takes 3 hours still in
progress. Client bandwidth can go as high as 200MB/s. With little client
request throughput, recovery goes at couple MB/s. I wonder if there is
configuration to polish for improvement. It runs with quincy 17.2.5,
deployed by cephadm. The slowness can do harm in peak hours of usage.

Best wishes,

    volumes: 1/1 healthy
    pools:   8 pools, 209 pgs
    objects: 93.04M objects, 4.8 TiB
    usage:   15 TiB used, 467 TiB / 482 TiB avail
    pgs:     1206837/279121971 objects degraded (0.432%)
             208 active+clean
             1   active+undersized+degraded+remapped+backfilling

    client:   80 KiB/s rd, 420 KiB/s wr, 12 op/s rd, 29 op/s wr
    recovery: 6.2 MiB/s, 113 objects/s
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