Problem: Upgrading CEPH Pacific to Quincy resulted in CEPH Storage pool to stop functioning.

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I upgraded my CEPH cluster without properly following the mon upgrade so
they were no longer on leveldb.

Proxmox and CEPH were updated to the latest for the current release.

   1. The upgrade to Quincy states a recommendation that Mons are using
   2. Leveldb support has been removed from quincy.

The monitors were still running as leveldb.

   1. Does this mean the mons cannot work at all since they are levelDB?

I upgraded all nodes to the quincy release 17.2.6 and restarted the mons.

At this point the cluster stopped responding.
`ceph` commands do not work since the service fails to start.

Are there steps for recovery?

1) Roll back to Pacific without being able to use CEPH commands (ceph orch
upgrade start --ceph-version <version>).
2) Rebuild the monitors using data from the OSDs while maintaining Quincy
3) Is this actually related to the bug about 17.2.6 (which is what
Proxmox/CEPH upgrades to) ?

I ran the upgrade on another cluster prior to this without issue. The Mons
were set with RocksDB and running on Quincy 17.2.6.

I appreciate any suggestions.
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