[RGW] Is there a way for a user to change is secret key or create other keys ?

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Hello Cephers,

I was using Ceph with OpenStack, and users could add, remove credentials with `openstack ec2 credentials` commands. But, we are moving our Object Storage service to a new cluster, and didn't want to tie it with OpenStack.

Is there a way to have a bit of self service for Rados Gateway, at leas for creating, deleting, changing S3 keys ?

It does not seem to be part of S3 APIs.
It's certainly doable with Ceph RGW admin API, but with which tool that a standard user can use ?

The Ceph Dashboard does not seem a good idea. Roles are global, nothing that can be scoped to a tenant.

Some S3 browsers exist (https://github.com/nimbis/s3commander), but never with some management like changing S3 keys.
Certainly because it's not in the "standard" S3 API.

Perhaps Ceph can provide a client-side dashboard, which can be exposed externally, aside the actual admin dashboard, which will stay inside ?

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