Copying big objects (>5GB) doesn't work after upgrade to Quincy on S3

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Hi all,

after upgrading our cluster from Nautilus -> Pacific -> Quincy we noticed
we can't copy bigger objects anymore via S3.

An error we get:
"Aws::S3::Errors::EntityTooLarge (Aws::S3::Errors::EntityTooLarge)"

After some tests we have following findings:
* Problems starts for objects bigger than 5 GB (multipart limit)
* Issue starts after upgrading to Quincy (17.2.6). In latest Pacific
(16.2.13) it works fine.
* For Quincy it works ok with AWS S3 CLI "cp" command, but doesn't work
using AWS Ruby3 SDK client with copy_object command.
* For Pacific setup both clients work ok
* From RGW logs seems like AWS S3 CLI client handles multipart copying
"under the hood", so it is succesful.

It is stated in AWS documentation, that for uploads (and copying) bigger
than 5GB files we should use multi part API for AWS S3. For some reason it
worked for years in Ceph and stopped working after Quincy release, even I
couldn't find something in release notes addressing this change.

So, is this change permanent and should be considered as bug fix?

Both Pacific and Quincy clusters were running on Rocky 8.6 OS, using Beast

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