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A question to avoid using a to elaborate method in finding de most recent snapshot of a RBD-image.

So, what would be the preferred way to find the latest snapshot of this image?

root@hvs001:/# rbd snap ls libvirt-pool/CmsrvDOM2-MULTIMEDIA
   223  snap_5  435 GiB  yes        Fri Sep 15 15:33:39 2023
   262  snap_1  435 GiB  yes        Mon Sep 18 15:39:36 2023
   280  snap_3  435 GiB  yes        Wed Sep 20 15:39:42 2023

I would tend to select the highest snapid. But at some point, the next snapid will restart at 1? So maybe not the best idea.

I could select by date/time but I don't have an easy way to convert the text string to an timestamp...

I've looked in the rbd help snap ls, there seem to be now way to sort, format the output of the timestamp,...

Any advice will be appreciated.



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