Re: Decrepit ceph cluster performance

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On Sun, Aug 13, 2023 at 11:05 PM Tyler Stachecki
<stachecki.tyler@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Also a good point. OP: do you have any non-standard ceph.conf
> settings?

osd backfill full ratio = 0.90
osd op queue cut off = high
osd max backfills = 1
osd recovery max active = 1
osd recovery op priority = 1
osd memory target = 8589934592

Other than the memory target (which is rarely reached), these are all
designed to allow the system to continue to serve clients at all if a
recovery is in progress. (E.g., when we converted filestore to
bluestore a few years ago and had to rebuild all the OSDs one by one.)

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