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>> The OP implies that the cluster's performance *degraded* with the Quincy upgrade.I wonder if there was a kernel change at the same time.
> No, it's never been great. But it's definitely getting worse over
> time. That is most likely correlated with increased utilization (both
> in terms of space used and IOPs demanded) rather than any specific
> upgrades.

Ahhhhh, from the original phrasing I thought that Quincy correlated with a sharp drop.

> They have the latest firmware

As per recent isdct/intelmas/sst?  The web site?

> I'm interested in stopping it from completely stalling out for 10-30
> seconds at a time on a regular basis.  The actual number of IOPs of a
> properly-functioning cluster is a *very* secondary concern.

Just for grins, I might suggest -- once you have a fully healthy cluster -- destroying, secure-erasing, and redeploying a few OSDs at a time within a single failure domain. How old are the OSDs? I suspect at least some might be Filestore and thus would be redeployed with BlueStore.

Newer SSD controllers / models are better than older models at housekeeping over time, so the secure-erase might freshen performance.

> Networking is also operating at a tiny fraction of its capacity.  It
> looks like each server runs about 15-30 *megabits* per OSD.  None of
> them push even 1Gbps, much less 10.

Fair enough.  Layer 1 issues can still matter though.

> We have tested connectivity between all twelve ceph machines with all
> 11 others machines with iperf3.  Any two machines can iperf3 7-9Gbps
> without any issues with Ceph running.

Groovy.  These are all things we have to ask ;)

>> Check the interfaces to ensure they have the proper netmasks and default routes;

I found some systems with the main interface configured as a /32 it's top of mind lately.

> They do.
> Thanks!
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