Re: Decrepit ceph cluster performance

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On Sun, Aug 13, 2023 at 10:43 PM Anthony D'Atri <anthony.datri@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Think you meant s/SSD/SAS|SATA/.

Indeed, (SATA/SAS) SSD - thanks!

> The OP implies that the cluster's performance *degraded* with the Quincy upgrade.I wonder if there was a kernel change at the same time.

Also a good point. OP: do you have any non-standard ceph.conf
settings? Was cluster performance acceptable before the upgrade? There
are some settings like bluestore_rocksdb_options that changed in an
impactful way, and if the setting is now overridden in your ceph.conf,
you will need to account for this...

> Do you have the latest available firmware installed on them?  Did you perform a secure-erase on each before deploying?  What manner of HBA is driving them?  The first generation NVMe AIC SKUs definitely had issues with initial firmware.

Also, make sure they're not behind a RAID controller... or that it's
in an HBA mode.

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