Ceph bucket notification events stop working

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We started to use the Ceph bucket notification events with subscription to an HTTP endpoint. 
We encountered an issue when the receiver endpoint was changed. Which means the events from Ceph weren't consumed. We deleted the bucket notifications and the topic, and created a new topic with the new endpoint and new bucket notifications. 
(We are using the REST api to create bucket notifications and topics. We also used the CLI commands, but there we found out that deleting a topic doesn't delete the notifications that are subscribed to it.  Ceph version is Pacific.)
>From that moment we didn't receive any more notification events to our new endpoint. 
We tried many times to create new topics and new bucket notifications, but we don't receive anymore events to our endpoint. 
We suspect that the notification queues don't get fully cleaned and they stay in some broken state. 
We have been able to reproduce this locally and the only solution was to wipe all the containers and recreate them. The problem is that this issue is on a staging environment where we cannot destroy everything. 
We are looking for a solution or a command to clean the notification queues, to be able to start anew. 
We also are looking  for a way to know programatically if the notifications broke and have a way to automatically recover as such a flaw is critical for our application. 

Thanks for your time!
Daniel Yordanov
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