Re: v18.2.0 Reef released

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Thanks for the release!

Please, upgrade the OS Platform docs, currently there lack of Reef in ABC tests:


> On 7 Aug 2023, at 21:37, Yuri Weinstein <yweinste@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We're very happy to announce the first stable release of the Reef series.
> We express our gratitude to all members of the Ceph community who
> contributed by proposing pull requests, testing this release,
> providing feedback, and offering valuable suggestions.
> Major Changes from Quincy:
> - RADOS: RocksDB has been upgraded to version 7.9.2.
> - RADOS: There have been significant improvements to RocksDB iteration
> overhead and performance.
> - RADOS: The perf dump and perf schema commands have been deprecated
> in favor of the new counter dump and counter schema commands.
> - RADOS: Cache tiering is now deprecated.
> - RADOS: A new feature, the "read balancer", is now available, which
> allows users to balance primary PGs per pool on their clusters.
> - RGW: Bucket resharding is now supported for multi-site configurations.
> - RGW: There have been significant improvements to the stability and
> consistency of multi-site replication.
> - RGW: Compression is now supported for objects uploaded with
> Server-Side Encryption.
> - Dashboard: There is a new Dashboard page with improved layout.
> Active alerts and some important charts are now displayed inside
> cards.
> - RBD: Support for layered client-side encryption has been added.
> - Telemetry: Users can now opt in to participate in a leaderboard in
> the telemetry public dashboards.
> We encourage you to read the full release notes at
> Getting Ceph
> ------------
> * Git at git://
> * Tarball at
> * Containers at
> * For packages, see
> * Release git sha1: 5dd24139a1eada541a3bc16b6941c5dde975e26d
> Did you know? Every Ceph release is built and tested on resources
> funded directly by the non-profit Ceph Foundation.
> If you would like to support this and our other efforts, please
> consider joining now
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